Welcome to my website! I am an economist working on issues related to the technological shift towards a low carbon and increasingly digital economy.


I am particularly interested in the inter-dependencies between technological change, trade and geopolitics, and what they imply for the just transition towards a low carbon economy, as well as technological transitions more broadly. My overarching goal as a researcher is to better understand how we can direct and leverage technological change to more effectively benefit human well-being.  

I am currently completing my PhD in Environmental Economics at the London School of Economics. My thesis studies how the transition away from high-carbon, polluting technologies shapes countries’ competitive advantage in international trade and how it is in turn affected by trade tensions arising from concerns over the former, as well as broader technological developments such as advances in artificial intelligence. I am also a researcher at the Future of Work Programme at the Oxford Martin School, which focuses on topics related to the rise of digital technologies and their implications for workers and organisations.